Environmental Surveys

Superior Surveying Services, Inc. has performed a multitude of various monitoring well projects through the state of Arizona to include an ADEQ monitoring well study covering approximately three square miles in Mesa, Arizona; an airfield monitoring well study and underground storage tank facility in Dateland, Arizona and groundwater well monitoring site plans pertaining to various Motorola sites.

Westwood Ranch

Surveying and subdividing 35,000 acres near Seligman, Arizona to create 40 acre parcels, create new roads and use existing ranch roads to complete access to all parcels.

Crossroads Ranch

Horizontal and vertical control over 4,700 acres to establish ground and aerial control for Units 1 and 2 in Williamson Valley, Arizona.

Long H Ranch, St. John, Arizona

Surveying and subdividing 83 sections near St. John to create 40 acre parcels, create new roads and use existing ranch roads to complete access to all parcels. Worked with the B.I.A. and local tribal authorities to establish right-of-way around
historical sites.

Ruger Ranch, Kirkland, Arizona

Surveying and subdividing 9,000 acres near Kirkland to create 40 acre parcels, create new roads and use existing ranch roads to complete access to all parcels.

Gold Canyon Golf Resort, Apache Junction, Arizona

ALTA Survey of 180 acre golf resort facility, including a horizontal network to assist in performance of aerial photogrammatry and establish section control for four sections for golf course boundaries in Apache Junction.

Stockton, California

ALTA Survey of 17 acre Lowe’s
retail site.


Various ALTA Surveys within Nevada, including RV parks, apartment complexes and large vacant land parcels.

Wickenburg Inn, Wickenburg, Arizona

ALTA Survey of 12,600 acre resort establishing horizontal and vertical control for topography and section control for the establishment of boundaries of 20 sections in Wickenburg, Arizona.

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Horizontal and vertical control covering approximately 30 square miles for new city aerial photogrammetry. Survey was tied into existing control that was used by Yavapai County on a former aerial project and also being used for flood control.

Yuma, Arizona

Horizontal and vertical control covering approximately 250 square miles. Coordinated information with Yuma Proving Grounds data and the City of Yuma. Survey had to be performed in “static” mode as to not interfere with the Y.P.G. Radio Systems.

Bowie, Arizona

Survey 640 acres for a new power plant facility. Survey and profile eight miles for a gas line to be constructed that would tie into an existing 27″ high pressure gas line: survey 18 miles for a new transmission line and verify CEC permit boundaries; locate and take pictures of major washes for 404 application, project in progress.

Salt River Indian Reservation, Arizona

ALTA Survey of 200 acres for development to include aerial panels for topography, tying into Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) control; attending council meetings, acquiring business license and coordinate with the tribal police for access.

Sedona, Arizona

ALTA & Aerial of 40 acres running along Oak Creek to determine high water lines, property limits, flood zone limits and slopes for runoff.

Camp Verde, Arizona

Survey 40 acres along Beaver Creek in Camp Verde locating slopes and high water lines for drainage and flood control design.

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